So you think you understand the film and VFX world?

Think again!

 This book will turn everything you know on its head.


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Praise For Inside VFX


Pierre Grage is a senior visual effects professional, who has worked on numerous blockbuster films including Avatar, Harry Potter 5 and Pacific Rim. In this book he lifts the lid on the multi-million dollar secrets of filmmaking and special effects.

Prepare to discover:

  • The untold history of digital VFX
  • What Hollywood’s real business model looks like
  • The true costs of movies and visual effects (you’ll be shocked!)
  • Why evermore blockbuster movies are turning into box office failures
  • How the visual effects business turned from boom into bust
  • If Asia is set to take over the filmmaking industry
  • How the VFX industry really looks from the inside
  • An in-depth investigation on the current challenges of the film and VFX industry
  • Where the future of entertainment is heading

And much, much more.

Based on 10 years of research by working among the best, Pierre Grage describes in uncompromising detail how today’s film business is facing its biggest challenges since the invention of TV.

After reading Inside VFX you will never think of the movie and visual effects industry in the same way.


Pierre Grage is a senior visual effects professional with a useless degree, but enormous interest in economics. His specialisation in digital special effects for feature films has enabled him to live and work across Europe, New Zealand, Australia and South East Asia. He has worked on numerous features films, TV series, commercials and computer games. Pierre has held various positions with leading visual effects houses, including Industrial Light & Magic, Weta Digital, Double Negative and Animal Logic. In 2015, after a decade worth of research he published  his highly praised book “Inside VFX”. For the first time, Pierre’s book covers in great detail and in easy accessible language the business of visual effects. In addition, he leads his readers through the hidden jungle of economics of creating feature films.